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Dreams vs. Goals: A Practical Way of Achieving Success.
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How It All Got Started

What started out as a small two-man design firm in 2008 has blossomed into a series of horizontally integrated companies with nearly 100 employees. Each company bonded together with a common goal of making business easier for their clients. Rooted in customer service and quality execution we listen, we think and we respond with precision.

“My business partners and employees have done an amazing job growing these companies. I’m proud to share them with you. I trust these companies with everything I am because I know without a doubt that you are in good hands with any of them.” – Jason Arcemont

Python Holdings Portfolio



WILDCAT was established in 2018 to provide quality manufacturing and top-of-the-line customer service. We consist of three entities functioning under the WILDCAT brand; WILDCAT Cable Solutions, WILDCAT Mobile Technologies and WILDCAT PPE.




The Summa Team aspires to better our communities by strengthening our workforce. The Summa team has helped thousands of men and women find rewarding careers within leading companies. They have forged strong processes and standards that have become the backbone within the staffing industry.



Patriot Power Group

PPG provides fast, reliable, specialized power generation partnerships globally for better quality of life for all. With experience on both sides of the purchasing processes the PPG team excels at the holistic approach partnering with their clients through each step of the process.



Grizzly was created by three partners with decades of combined experience in the fracking industry. We know what it’s like to get lost in the confusion of a big refurb and fabrication shop these days. Realizing how common such a problem was for clients, we decided to take matters into our own hands to provide a more thorough and customized approach to each individual job, further separating us from our competitors.



Stout Energy Solutions

Stout Energy Solutions is a manufacture representative. Located in the heart of South Texas, they are strategically placed to assist wind farms and other industrial markets locally, regionally, and nationwide with same day service and delivery.



Whether you’re in need of engineering, material sourcing or fabrication, Bighorn Manufacturing has you covered. From small one off trailers to full industrial heavy equipment our team as the expertise to bring your vision to life.




BrightBox is a brand marketing firm. Here, strategy drives creative and creative advances great brands. Brands that connect with the head and the heart. Brands that spark action.

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Brand Development
  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO & SEM
  • Public Relations
  • Direct & Email Marketing
  • Video & Animation


Philanthropic Endeavors


From previous association to LOVE146 through the Texas Freedom Run, I was eager to continue serving this extraordinary organization. LOVE146 exists to combat child trafficking around the globe. From education and firsthand knowledge, child slavery is not exclusively foreign; it’s happening in our own communities here in the U.S. too. I’ve been proud to serve on the board for LOVE146’s Texas efforts.


Resale With a Purpose

With the help of a strong group of board members and my wife, Amber, we opened a non-profit resale shop in Tomball, Texas. Each month we give 100% of the shop’s profit to local community outreach and ministries. Blessed by giving, we’ve helped grow a community that is stronger and put our collective business experience to good use.


Oilfield NextGen

Oilfield NextGen is a visionary project that facilitates the recruitment and training of the next generation of entry-level oil and gas personnel from technicians to Sr. Management levels.


Crossbar Academy

Our vision for your family is that you get quality time with your kids. Time for mentorship and building a true relationship with them before they leave the home.
Our vision for the player/student is that they achieve ball mastery and game intelligence that will allow them to choose where they want to play soccer and/or go to school.
Our vision for the academy is to shine the light to all players/students and families that we come in touch with. Building their character so they can succeed in all areas of life.


Texas Freedom Run

In October 2014, I ran from El Paso to Orange, Texas in under a month. Over 30 marathons in 30 days, the 859 mile stretch was inspired in raising awareness and funds in the fight against human trafficking and child sex slavery. With exceeding measures met in donations raised and support given, I exercised the largest and most meaningful philanthropic endeavor of my life.