Dreams Vs Goals

Dreams vs. Goals: A Practical Way of Achieving Success.
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Between the Pages

Throughout my life, writing and reading have never been my go-to past time activity. In recent years though, I’ve found meaning and necessity in writing out the motivation and tools of the trade that I’ve acquired and developed to better serve clients, coworkers and the world of business at large. People often approach writing (and even reading) a book as daunting, but I see it as advantageous to get even one single thought you hadn’t had before. Remember it. Exercise it. And see how it can better your circumstances in strategy, business, branding and more.

Jason’s Books

The Brand Map

The Brand Map™–a proven method for building brands–teaches professionals and entrepreneurs how to find and captivate customers. Hundreds of companies, organizations and individuals have used The Brand Map™ to stand out among a wide variety of audiences. Starting with basic internal and external info-gathering, the Brand Mapping™ process takes the reader from the building blocks of branding through a complete discovery of a brand’s image, reputation and spirit. From there, the book touches on how to transform these discoveries into images, words and digital properties (such as websites and social media) that bring your brand to life.


Your Spot on the Mountain

As overly driven people, it’s in our DNA to work ourselves to the brink of death in hopes of achieving our vision, usually for our careers. We constantly put family, friends and even our personal needs on the back burner in an effort to push our careers forward, only to wind up with a lot less than what we were looking for in the first place, especially in the fulfillment department. In this book you will meet Jason Arcemont…


Dreams Vs Goals

Dreams vs. Goals 

We often envision what we want without a goal: “our dreams”. People love to talk about their dreams. Yet when it comes to initiating a program to make  those dreams a reality, we get distracted.  Obstacles rear their ugly heads and create what Steven Pressfield, in The War of Art, calls resistance. Resistance is that ugly force, whether it be fear, failure or laziness, that stands between you and your purpose. As a result, we lose sight of our goals and never find success.