Over the years I’ve helped brand and market client’s ranging from those in old conservative markets to those in new emerging technology ones. We have noticed over time that the ones that do best are often the ones who are market creators. We’re talking about those who create or redefine the market space and don’t use the status quo to mold their product or service offering.
Some of the best businesses have been those that presented products to the world that weren’t there in the first place.
There was a time when nobody used commercial airplanes. Now, in spite of a poor history and a spotty safety record, the airline industry is one of the most consumer-saturated markets in the world.
Energy drinks didn’t exist before Red Bull. Now, the energy drink market is a over $10 billion a year.
Before P90X and Billy Blanks there was no fitness marketing for lean, mean workout. Before that, it was all focused on loosing weight or gaining muscle mass.
At one point in time, you either surfed in the ocean or biked down the street. Eventually, someone broke off the top of a scooter and provided surfers with something to do when the waves were flat. Prior to that, no one had ever seen a skateboard. Today, the skateboarding industry is worth nearly $6 billion.
The lesson here is that whether you are looking to stand out personally or professionally, don’t be afraid of doing YOU. We often times find ourselves looking at others to define things. I want to build a company just like “X” or I want to have a life like “him”. The problem is that those people are where they are because of who they are. Your uniqueness is what will define where you go and the sooner your realize that, embrace it and craft it, the better.
Having a hard time landing a job? Try standing out rather than going with the flow. Sure you need to have the skill set and required experience but then what? What is it that you bring to the table that others aren’t? Maybe highlighting an additional complementing skill set. I know when I hire website developers it’s always a plus when they are also proficient in other areas of design or video production.
On the flip side, I’m not telling you to completely disregard the status quo. There are proven ways to do things and learning from those who have blazed the trail before you is well worth your time to study but I am saying that most time being genuine and honest about who you are will get you much further in your professional and personal endeavors. So don’t throw out all tradition and show up to a job interview without a shirt on or discontinue your biggest selling product line simply because everyone else has it too. What your delivering can be identical to everyone else but how you talk about it and how you present it can redefine the space and put you a step ahead.
Feel free to fill out the form on the “contact” page of my website to let me know how doing you worked out or if you have any questions. Best of luck!