On The Hook, airing Saturday 11.14.15 at 4PM on AM 950.

Houston has been and continues to be a leading player in the offshore oil and gas industry. This market, saturated with advanced technologies and technical discoveries, is facing some major obstacles in knowledge sharing. When many industry experts near retirement, it is vital to find a way to pass along knowledge and expertise so that the rising industry leaders can continue in the successful longevity of the market.

A partnership between University of Houston’s Department of Engineering Technology and Offshore magazine brings just that to the market. Through their collaboration, the Offshore Learning Center is an innovative educational tool serving the worldwide oil and gas industry allowing for a complex knowledge transfer and self-learning. Thoroughly detailed video libraries with posters, articles and more bring high-level topics to the masses in useful and approachable resources.



#TheHook welcomes Mark Peters (Offshore magazine) and Professor Jack Christiansen (University of Houston) as they set the current stage of the offshore industry. Explaining the problem and then bringing you a solution to the market’s unmet need, these organizations are proactively impacting the future of one of the world’s largest economic drivers, the offshore oil and gas industry.

Learn more about the current offshore market, the Offshore Learning Center and more this Saturday, November 14 at 4PM on #TheHook. Tune in to AM 950 Radio or listen LIVE using the iHeart smartphone app for this exciting series.