Inc. 500 Business Developer and Education Specialist Kick Off OntoBox Training

Houston, TX (December 17, 2015)– After years of successfully developing businesses and executing powerful campaigns for both B2B and B2C clients, Inc. 500 business developer Jason Arcemont and content development specialist Daniel J. Cohen have teamed up to bring the Houston business scene a new option for companies seeking to expand the skill sets and know-how of their staff: OntoBox Training.

“For years, our clients have asked us how we do what we do and whether we could teach them to do it, too,” said Arcemont. “OntoBox Training combines practical business knowledge of tested, proven approaches with an academic approach to impart some of the core skills my team and I have used to get great results for our clients. We’re proud of these courses.”

“We have a real passion for teaching people,” said Cohen. “Our students always walk away with something new: a different perspective, unique strategies, and something they can use immediately to improve how they do business.”

OntoBox Training curriculum covers a variety of skills:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Sales Development
  • Business Messaging
  • Corporate Culture

Its first class covers The Brand Map™, the company’s proven, proprietary methodology for building powerful brands. The company presented The Brand Map™, a previously private methodology, at Houston’s new alternative workspace community, The Work Lodge, in November of 2015.

Arcemont founded BrightBox Brand Marketing during the 2007 recession. Since then, the company has developed partnerships and expanded services to create five distinct companies with more than 100 employees combined: BrightBox, ShowBox Exhibits, ShadowBox Talent, InkBox Printing, and OntoBox. In 2014, he ran 850 miles in 30 days across the State of Texas as part of the Texas Freedom Run, a charitable challenge that raised $200,000 in donations and services rendered to fight human trafficking. Arcemont also hosts the fast-growing Houston business radio show #TheHook, Saturdays at 4 PM on AM 950 KPRC.

Cohen has focused his career on a combination of content development and education. He initially developed his skills as the PR Manager at Houston-based educational outfit TestMasters, teaching high-level college and graduate entrance courses while building out the company’s marketing function. Later, he would start RedShift Writers, Houston’s leading firm dedicated entirely to messaging for businesses. Over the course of his career he has served as the voice of hundreds of brands, developing strategic messaging and executing brand campaigns for companies of varying industries and market caps. Cohen earned a Master’s Degree in Communication with a focus on PR from University of Houston and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from American University in Washington, DC.

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