Community and Culture: #TheHook’s Trip to The Work Lodge

It’s one thing to rent an office space. It’s another to get an AMAZING office space with a whole small business community to go with it. That’s why The Work Lodge was formed: to build a community that would foster collaboration and cooperation that enables solopreneurs and other small companies to work in ways the [...]

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950 AM Presents The Hook with Marketing Maverick, Jason Arcemont

Houston, TX (September 14, 2015)- 950 AM Radio will officially add its first ever radio show dedicated to helping you build your business, The Hook, hosted by The Marketing Maverick, Jason Arcemont. The Hook will provide marketing tips, tricks, strategies and news to business owners and executives seeking direction and assistance. “Two of the five [...]

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You’re More Valuable Than You Might Think

Over the years I’ve helped brand and market client’s ranging from those in old conservative markets to those in new emerging technology ones. We have noticed over time that the ones that do best are often the ones who are market creators. We’re talking about those who create or redefine the market space and don’t [...]

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Principal’s Office

No doubt I was a hand full early on in elementary school.   It’s not that I was a bad kid but I did have a way of talking out of turn, often about whatever we were learning. The teacher would say something interesting; I would immediately turn to the kid next to me and want [...]

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The Inc. 500 That Started it All

I originally wrote this blog back in 2011 but thought it would be a great way to kick off this new blog series as well.  Although I've had many more professional achievements since then this one sure kicked it off.  Enjoy! Today I get to write a blog that I had always dreamed of writing. [...]

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