Houston, TX (September 14, 2015)- 950 AM Radio will officially add its first ever radio show dedicated to helping you build your business, The Hook, hosted by The Marketing Maverick, Jason Arcemont. The Hook will provide marketing tips, tricks, strategies and news to business owners and executives seeking direction and assistance.

“Two of the five biggest reasons most businesses fail in the first 18 months are based on poor marketing decisions: a failure to engage customers, communicate value propositions, and find a strong position in their market,” says Arcemont. “The Hook is an opportunity for highly motivated business professionals and owners to learn important branding principles that exponentially increase revenue and profit.”

Topics for the new show include:
• Merger and Acquisition positioning for oil and gas and other B2B segments
• Tips, tricks, and strategies for digital marketing
• How to use measurement and analytics to know what works
• How to convert leads into loyal customers
• How to use marketing to grow during turbulent economies
• And overall marketing strategy to increase brand effectiveness

Jason—AKA the Marketing Maverick—is a marketing expert, entrepreneur, speaker and author. Arcemont founded BrightBox Brand Marketing in 2007, building it into a two-time Inc. 500 powerhouse in the minimum time required. He simultaneously grew four BrightBox sibling companies at the same time: ShowBox Exhibits, InkBox Printing, ShadowBox Talent, and OntoBox Training. His experience has led him to develop some of the most compelling brand marketing strategies in use today, including the patented Brand Map.

When he is not assisting his clients and other business owners, Jason finds ways to use his life-long passion for endurance running to change the world for the better. In October of 2014, Jason ran 859 miles across Texas—the equivalent of 30 marathons in 30 days. The Texas Freedom Run raised over $60,000 in proceeds for Love146, a charitable organization with the goal of abolishing human sex trafficking.

Tune in every Saturday at 4pm on 950 AM Radio and get hooked on The Hook.