One of the world’s leading banks transforms the dynamic of its small business ambassador team with seasoned entrepreneurial champion



Houston, TX (July 10, 2017)– BBVA Compass has added entrepreneur, philanthropist and radio show personality Jason Arcemont to its growing business ambassadorship team. Arcemont will offer real world insights that empower small business owners through events, interviews, and online media channels made by–and for–entrepreneurs. The partnership expands the work Arcemont developed during his time on The Hook, a business show on iHeart Radio visited by Houston legends such as Karbach Brewing Company’s David Graham and nine-time Gold Medalist Olympian Carl Lewis.

“Small business is my greatest passion,” says Arcemont of the new challenge. “As a lifelong business builder, the opportunity to expand the work we did on The Hook is a real blessing, especially with a company like BBVA Compass. This partnership was born out of a mutual passion for making the world better for business owners. With BBVA Compass’ strong focus on growing businesses, it was a natural fit.”

The BBVA business ambassadorship program includes online briefs and lessons on growth for your business taught through an ongoing live workshop series for all business owners at various BBVA corporate boardrooms, including Compass Stadium. The program is also holding forums with association partners from across the Greater Houston Area. Guided by Arcemont, these programs will discuss business challenges, advantages, and solutions to issues faced over a day or a business cycle by the average business owner.

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