Buying vs. Renting

A big question that comes up when I’m hanging out with other business owners is whether it’s better to buy or lease an office or warehouse space. I’m going to be honest here, I have always rented and I have always thought that others who would brag about buying the office space were doing just [...]

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Financials 101 – An Easy Cheat Sheet for Understanding your Balance Sheet

Before starting a business, many owners envision a world of glamour and glitz as opposed to hard work and grit. This sentiment is almost never true than when they take their first look at a balance sheet. Face it: when it comes to financial reports, you either like them or you don’t. No matter what [...]

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Five-Point Blueprint for Ensuring Smoother Business Operations

Next to accounting and sales, operations are a key consideration for your business. Managing how processes unfold and people act in your company makes a huge difference as to how profitable you are and how much time you spend “in the weeds” instead of making money and growing the company. Entrepreneurs who are just starting [...]

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